November Featured Makeup Artist Shaina Demelo Pereira

The Power of Makeup

Have you ever been asked why you wear makeup? Being in this industry it is kind of a give in, but I would bet at some point in your life every single one of you reading this has been asked this question. When people ask this question, it isn’t intended as an insult, even if it might come off that way. Many people do not understand why we put so much time and effort into our everyday makeup but our November featured makeup artist, Shaina Demelo Pereira, has a response for them.

Shania feels as though makeup empowers her. She chooses to wear it because it brings her confidence and makes her feel happy, like it does for so many of us. Similar to wearing a new outfit or a new pair of shoes, makeup can make you feel like a new person and give you the confidence to be who you want to be. Sometimes people wear it so they can look like a different person. Although Shania grew up wanting to look like the beautiful models on the magazine covers, she always kept sight of the fact that she wanted to look like herself in makeup.

Shaina is the oldest of 3 siblings at the age of 18. She liked to use makeup to distinguish herself as the oldest in her family. Growing up in Montreal, Shania learned most of her makeup skills from none other than YouTube. She cites some favorite channels to be Nikkitutorials and Tati and Kathleen lights. They inspired her to do makeup and her skills were put to the test when her mother in law came to her asking for help in choosing a makeup artist for her big day. Hesitant to try out her skills, Shaina completed several looks that she knocked out of the park. After this test, she decided that she should take her talents and develop them in a more formal setting.

Currently a student in a vocational center, Shaina studies secretarial work. This was her fallback plan (which is always great to have) before she decided on pursing her dream of becoming a makeup artist. When she found Vizio online and realized she could study part time, she knew this was the path she was meant to take. Shaina is a fantastic makeup artist because her passion lies with making others feel beautiful. She loves pleasing her clients and giving them that confidence to make their lives better.

Her plans after graduating are to work in a beauty salon so she can learn more hands on experience from professionals. Her goal is to eventually open up her own salon/bar where men and women can come to relax and feel pampered. With the stressful and hectic lives everyone leads in today’s society, I think Shaina will have no problem at all getting some clients. You can check out some of Shaina’s work on her social media.

Instagram: @cloverdemelo 
Facebook: Shaina Demelo Pereira

November Makeup Artist Feature
November Makeup Artist Feature