Hottest Makeup looks at the Golden Globes

Red Carpet Golden Globes Makeup Looks

The award show season is always something to look forward to every year, if only for the fact that we get to be entertained by seeing how our favorite celebrities act in real life. There are certain expectations we all have regarding any award show, such as, seeing all our beloved, gorgeous celebrities dressed to the nines, witnessing new fashion trends being started, new makeup looks being presented and of course seeing who shows up with whom on the red carpet. Oh and we can’t forget the classy background music we all love that cuts short every single winner’s thank you speech. The Golden Globes this year lived up to and went beyond our expectations on all these counts.

Certain celebrities did stand out for the Golden Globes makeup looks they chose to rock such as Jennifer Lawrence, J-Low, Alicia Vikander, Amy Schumer, Zendaya and many more.

Jennifer Lawrence looked absolutely stunning in a beautiful red dress which was perfectly set to her sheer, subtle red lips. Her makeup was flawless with perfectly flushed cheeks and beautiful skin. No wonder she was chosen to be the face of Dior.

Jennifer Lopez also went for the red lip this year although hers popped out a bit more against her beautiful yellow dress. Her makeup was done perfectly to match the dress. With subtle hints of yellow around the eyes and a good balance of blush to the cheeks, her whole look was set off wonderfully with her retro hair style.

Newcomer Alicia Vikander’s makeup looked exceptionally fabulous at the award show against her gorgeous white dress. Charlotte Tilbury was her makeup artist and she did a wonderful job using Alicia’s fantastic skin to give highlights, pink cheeks and champagne colored eyeshadow. She pulled it all together using matte pink lips and liner.

Amy Schumer went for the classic smokey eyes look with her makeup artist Andrea Tiller using all Sephora products. Her long lashes perfectly complimented her pink lips and beautiful white and black dress.

The woman who may however have stolen the show with her dress transformation and amazing smokey eye is Zendaya. Her eye makeup was absolutely flawless much as her skin was. The look perfectly matched her gorgeous wine colored gown which later in the night became shorter so that she could easily walk and dance (genius!). She paired the smokey eyes with a dark nude lip to brighten the overall look a bit and it turned out beautifully.

What was so amazing about this year’s Golden Globes was the fact that many of the makeup artists and their squads took to social media sites such as Instagram to display their work while behind the scenes at the award show. This cool little sneak peek into the making of our celebrities really let us average people into the action and got us even more excited to see the completed Golden Globes Makeup looks. What was even cooler was when celebrities like Kate Hudson, Kate Bosworth and Heidi Klum took to their own Instagram accounts and posted videos or pics that they took with their teams. These were all very nice tributes to the hard work each team does to get the celebs ready and glamorous.

Golden Globes makeup looks
Golden Globes makeup looks


Golden Globes Makeup Looks
Golden Globes Makeup Looks