Online Pro Makeup Courses


  1. Introductory Makeup Artistry Course

This is an introduction to the basics of makeup artistry and an insight into the lucrative nature of taking a life as a makeup artist. In this makeup course you will learn the fundamentals of makeup artistry which involves key techniques in choosing the correct eyeshadow and foundation colors, also how to professionally use brushes and tools plus  how to build a professional make up kit and many more.

This introductory yet eye-opening course is designed to meet the needs of a starter artist by giving you all the basic knowledge you’ll need which will be completed in maximum 14 days and also giving you a full year span to access the course.

  1. Master Makeup Artistry Course

This is for students who want to master their skills and become a professional makeup artist. It includes the variety of makeup looks from introductory to advance looks. This course offers the fundamentals of pro make up artistry like smokey eye makeup, editorial makeup, color therapy and vintage makeup to mention but a few.

Also as an incentive, once you enroll you will get ninety-six HD color make up kits which among others is made up of

  1. i) Eight Color correctors and concealers
  2. ii) Sixteen lip gloss colors

iii) Sixty Eyeshadow colors

  1. Premier Makeup Artistry Course

This course is for students who want to take their skills to the next level. It’s more advanced than the master makeup artistry course.

This course is made up of so much value because it dispenses knowledge on all the makeup brands in the market in other to make you have an appropriate makeup kit and utensil.

The Premium course designed to teach you about-face charts, face structure, blending techniques, eyeliner techniques, sanitation guidelines, runway makeup, natural makeup and vintage makeup

  1. Elite Makeup Artistry Course

This unveils everything possible that needs to be known in makeup artistry. This course includes everything from men’s makeup, cat eye makeup, Hollywood celebrity makeup, brush sanitizing and editorial make up.

This course also will teach you about special effects, the care and use of airbrush tools and professional airbrush application.

How to use a pro brush sets which are only used by professional artists. This is done to train you to be exactly like them as this is the final phase of the pro makeup courses.

Once completed, you would have properly developed skills that will make your makeup artistry dreams come true.