Vizio Makeup Academy Oscar Makeup Predictions!

Oscar Makeup Look Trends 2016

Award season is here in its entirety and whether you absolutely love it or hate it, you can’t deny the Red Carpet is the place to observe some incredible professional work. From fashion trends, to new hairstyles and makeup artistry, the Red Carpet is where you can formulate your opinion on the upcoming 2016  makeup trends.

Right now we are in the down time between award shows where we can blissfully recall what has already happened and make our crazy predictions regarding the rest of the shows. So far, we’ve seen a lot of great looks from our favorite celebrities, but with the Grammys and Oscars still a few weeks away, I’m positive that we have not seen the best yet.

Many trends have already sprung up just from the Golden Globes alone. People are replicating the biggest styles they saw either exactly as they were, or a little toned down. Some of these styles include statement lips, smoky eyes, glowing skin, and classic hair styles. Many big fashion trends have also come about such as sequins, metallic and florals. The heightened presence of all the glitter and sparkle in the dresses has definitely affected the makeup that our stars are choosing to wear.

When such glamorous dresses from up and coming designers such as Roksanda and Roland Mouret are worn, the makeup must be less prominent. These dresses need to be the focal point, so everything else must be kept simple. This means wearing soft, neutral colors that accentuate your skin tone to achieve that glowy looking skin. Celebs like Sienna Miller pulled this look off perfectly at the Golden Globes and we can definitely expect to see more of it at the Oscars.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we had many stars that were wearing solid color dresses as well. This look is more classical and we can expect to see more of it at the Oscars, which are known for being the most formal of all the award shows. Some Oscar makeup trends we are predicting with these types of dresses are statement lips with more subtle eyes. The lips will be the focal point on the face and the color will bring the perfect pop to accentuate the dress. By focusing on the lips, the rest of the face must be more subdued with slightly defined eye makeup.

The reverse is also a classic look which you see a lot on celebrities like Adele. Worn mostly with solid colors as well, a dramatic eye, whether this is smoky, cat or otherwise, worn with a nude lip will continue to be a hot trend throughout the award season.

The last makeup trend we would like to share with you is one that is usually overlooked and that is the power of the cheeks. Having that dewy, glowing skin is much desired right now and the best way to get that appearance is through rosy, flushed cheeks. This is a great way to achieve healthy looking skin, brighten up the face and can be easily paired with a red hue lip.

We can’t wait to see more fabulous makeup trends throughout the rest of the award season!


Oscar Makeup Trends 2016
Oscar Makeup Trends 2016