Platform Makeup Artist

A platform makeup artist in the beauty world is like a rock star amongst other makeup artists. Although it isn’t like they do anything too different when it comes to make up though. But all the same, let’s talk about what makes them rock stars. Well, their job is to educate, communicate, and entertain. Majorly, their job is to perform on stage.

A platform makeup artist mostly works at trade shows trying to promote a style, a technique, makeup tools, or a product in particular. Most times these big names in the makeup industry were platform makeup artists before they went on to start their brand.

platform makeup artist

Titles That Best Describes A Platform Makeup Artist

Brand Educator

The first step to becoming a platform makeup artist is to get certified by a particular brand as an educator. Also, you should note that this brand has to be a beauty brand. Furthermore, platform makeup artists are trained by the manufacturer of a product. Part of their training is going out to beauty salons to host seminars teaching people about a product in particular.

Some beauty brands are into teaching and certifying platform makeup artists. What they do is accept makeup artists and then groom them through the whole process. After training them on how to become educators, they send them out to host seminars and introduce people to a particular product.

Astounding Communicator

Platform makeup artists are needed by every beauty brand because they are like traveling spokespeople. They must be good communicators because all their lives they would speak to different crowds. Their job description is simple, be a good makeup artist, and most importantly be the best public speaker.

Here is why you have to learn both things. When you are not a makeup artist speaking in front of a room full of professional makeup artists, you fumble. Most times your script doesn’t have the answers to their questions.

As a great public speaker, you have to speak with authority and without fear. Because of this, beauty firms that have platform makeup artists working for them like to work with professional makeup artists. The one-sentence pitch is you have to know what you are teaching people about.


Yes. A platform makeup artist has to be an entertainer because it helps keep the audience engaged. These people are obligated to master the art of keeping their audience engaged. This is majorly what they teach them in these beauty brands. When demonstrating a product use or a styling technique, you must learn how to make your audience understand every step you take.

Furthermore, platform artists are known to work directly with the marketing department of different brands. Together, they all brainstorm and put together an amazing show. In addition, as an entertainer, humor is the best way to captivate your audience. No one likes a glum.

Professional platform artists stick to the point even with the humor. This is how most of the popular makeup artists today generate fans.

Brand Ambassadors

In this line of work, the success of the artist depends on the way she promotes and the number of sales made. Furthermore, a platform makeup artist has the job of convincing people to purchase products and tools.

As the platform artist continues to grow and build a reputation, they get paid more than they were paid before and also get higher status in the industry. Apart from this, they don’t just enjoy benefits from their companies.

They also get featured in numerous ads and also get quoted in several beauty magazines. This automatically makes them a brand ambassador. A high profile platform makeup artist is seen as an icon to other makeup artists.

What You Need To Build Yourself As A Platform Makeup Artist


What kind of teacher would you be if you don’t know what you are doing? As a platform makeup artist, you need to teach other people about your art. Education in this context is learning about makeup.

Attending a makeup academy would help you. One like Vizio Makeup Academy would do you better. You have to be updated about all the new trends, products, and styles. In addition, you need knowledge of the different tools too. The bottom line here is you have to gain enough knowledge on your craft.

Networking Guru

Obviously, networking is part of being a platform artist. Networking gets you a free ticket to meet other professionals in your line of work. Meeting with other people gives you the chance to learn new things and develop your skills. When trying to make friends and build relationships, ensure that you build a beneficial relationship.

More importantly, attend trade shows and events so you can meet with other platform makeup artists. It is simple: connect with people in the industry, meet with different companies. Build partnerships and strong bonds with other makeup artists.

Improve Your Portfolio

Portfolios help you with major clients. It helps for connection with major clients. Your personality, work ethic, talent, and experience are all showcased in your portfolio. You must continue to fill it with recent pictures of your work.

However, this might get you relationships with more clients and other makeup artists. The main aim of your portfolio should be getting an employer willing to help you showcase your talents. This is why your personality is important in your portfolio. Employers looking for platform makeup artists are always in search of entertaining people.

If your portfolio showcases your personality as funny or entertaining, then you might attract a high deal to yourself.

Salesmanship Skills

This is an entirely different skill. You have to master the art of making sales. Companies send you out to speak to crowds because they desire to make sales. If you can make good sales in each of your seminars then you have become a master in the industry.

A platform makeup artist isn’t just in the makeup industry, they are also in the marketing industry.