4 Easy & Effective Makeup Tricks to Prevent Mascara from Smudging and Smearing

Whether you are a makeup minimalist or self-taught makeup pro, chances are that you have dealt with smudging mascara during application at least once in your lifetime. But you’re not the only one, as this appears to be a universal beauty struggle many women are dealing with. And if you also happen to have droopy upper eyelids, this problem will be even worse, that’s why here at Vizio Makeup Academy we have listed a few easy tips to make your life easier.

Check out the best ways to prevent mascara from smudging and always look your best below.


1. Opt for a Mascara Guard

Applying mascara can be sometimes cumbersome, especially if you want to have all of your lashes looking thicker and intensely colored. Mascara guards as tools intended to act as a barrier between your eyelids and lashes, preventing pesky mascara smudges during the application. These devices cater to the exact contour of your eyes, hence taking the hassle out of the application process. The Tweezerman No Mess Mascara is one of our favorites here at Vizio Makeup Academy, and the best of its kind, as it seems to also be a favorite among other beauty experts and makeup artists alike. Just hold the tool in place and behind your lashes and apply mascara as normally. What’s more, a mascara guard can save your sanity during those times when you absolutely need to apply mascara while driving. Although you will probably struggle to hold the tool in place while applying mascara at first, you will quickly get used to this, and you will never have to worry about your mascara smudging when you apply it.

2. The Basic Credit Card Method

If you don’t want to invest in a mascara guard, or if you simply don’t have on at hand right one, using your credit card is probably the best alternative. Due to their plastic surface, mascara will be very easy to wipe off from credit cards, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them. Hold the card in place and behind your lashes, and apply mascara. You will have to gradually adjust its position to cover all of your lashes and also prevent smudging. Once done, wipe the card with a tissue. You can always use a plastic spoon instead, which will be just as effective as the credit card.

3. Dust with Powder

Applying a light dusting of translucent powder on your eyelids can help prevent mascara from smudging at application. That’s because the powder absorbs oils and moisture, which can make you more prone to smudges and smears. Make sure that the powder is not extremely visible, otherwise you risk ruining the look of your makeup. Also, don’t forget to use a clean, soft brush to ensure that the product will be evenly distributed both on the upper and lower lids. As a bonus, the yellow tones in the powder will counteract red tones, which is ideal if you’re dealing with acne or occasional pimples.

4. Taper Off at Lash Tips

The most common mistake we all do when applying mascara is going all the way up to the tips of the lashes. This will obviously increase the chances to accidentally smudge it and ruin your entire makeup. To prevent this, start applying mascara from the root to the tip, tapering off at the ends. You will certainly notice a big improvement once you’re done.