Makeup Artist of the Month Linda Mattsson

September Featured Makeup Artist

Life is a funny, tricky thing. Sometimes you can plan and analyze and think you are 100% prepared for something, only to find that things didn’t work out as they should have. Or you wing something completely and it turns out great. That is why sometimes it is best to simply listen to what your gut instincts are telling you and forgo all the strategies. That is what our September Featured Makeup Artist, Linda Mattsson did, and she has never looked back.

Linda grew up using little to no makeup products. She lived in a small town in Sweden where she was allowed to wear eyeshadow at the age of 13, however she didn’t take advantage of this. Her disinterest in makeup was changed when she got to high school. She was taking classes focusing on business administration when she began a job as an intern in a fashion store. She enjoyed this so much that she continued working there after she graduated. That was when she realized she wanted to be a part of the beauty industry.

Linda was very brave to follow her gut at the early age of 20 and open up her own beauty store. Located in a small town in Sweden, she planned on selling makeup, accessories, perfume, jewelry, nail care, and skin care products. At this point in time, Linda had little to no knowledge about any of these products or the beauty industry in general. I know what you’re thinking; this is a very risky move to make. Only using mascara herself, Linda now had to help her customers who needed assistance choosing products that matched their skin. One instance in particular Linda had to choose a foundation for one of her very first customers. She recalls the experience as terrifying because she hardly knew anything about the products! However, she stayed calm and acted like a professional while crossing her fingers and hoping what she chose would work. Luckily for her it worked perfectly, and that customer is one of her most loyal customers 9 years later. That experience made Linda realize she never wanted to play that guessing game again, so she decided to get a formal education in makeup so her customers could trust her.

She began by buying books and reading all about how to apply makeup and about different products. However, never having used makeup she needed a hands-on experience that could teach her as well. This is when she went to Stockholm to try a basic makeup course. After being successful with that, she craved more. She then went to a professional makeup artistry school and learned beauty, fashion, theater and television makeup looks.

Meanwhile her store was becoming more successful and after graduating from the professional school she expanded the store so she could add a makeup station for all the reservations her customers were making. She decided to enroll at Vizio Makeup Academy so that she could expand her education from her country to America.

Linda loves learning more about makeup and has extended her knowledge so that she is able to run the beauty-store, complete everyday makeup looks, evening looks and bridal makeup. She also offers makeup-events in her store as well as personal consultations.
We love seeing her creative side grow even more and watching her seize challenges that come her way. We are so proud and wish the best of luck to our student Linda!

September Featured Makeup Artist Lind Mattsson
September Featured Makeup Artist Lind Mattsson


September Featured Makeup Artist Lind Mattsson
September Featured Makeup Artist Lind Mattsson