Our September makeup artist feature is our Jersey girl Kat. Kat is a makeup artist, entrepreneur, and current student at Vizio Makeup Academy. She is an amazingly talented and self-taught makeup artist who felt she wanted a professional makeup certification to back her natural talent as a professional.

Personal life

Kat and her husband are newlyweds just shy of being married a full year. I can tell through our conversations how in love they are, and how she has so many aspirations in life for them. In a conversation, she mentions how hard he works as a business owner, and that she hopes to further expand her empire so that they can run it together while traveling the world. Despite her busy schedule with working on movie sets and expanding her company, Kat still manages to find time to enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures. She loves barbequing with her family, reading, and traveling.

Route towards a career in makeup

Initially, Kat began to pursue a career in the medical field but realized that it wasn’t where her passion resided. She then made the drastic change over to her creative calling as a makeup artist, and she began teaching herself the art of makeup. Realizing that she had to prove herself more on movie sets and for clients not having a formal professional makeup certification, Kat decided to attend Vizio Makeup Academy to take professional makeup classes so that her formal education in makeup artistry would complement her natural artistic talent.

Attending Vizio Makeup Academy and taking the making training classes is only fine tuning her already incredible talent as a makeup artist. When she finishes, this young woman will be unstoppable!

For the love of makeup

Kat loves the way makeup allows an individual to express themselves and feel beautiful and confident. But that is only part of it since for her, makeup does so much more. Makeup to Kat allows anyone the ability to change who they want to be for the night, and she states, “That with makeup you can transform to a Rockstar, Glamour Girl, Egyptian Goddess, Goth, or go au naturale.”


Kat sees the beauty in each one of her clients, and to her that is one thing that draws her to closer to her love for her profession. To her, it is the customer service experience working with clients and the attainment of her client’s self-discovery during appointments. She likes to help people discover their identity whether it is in real life or on a movie set helping someone get into character.

3 favorite products

favorite products

Mac Prep+Primer, Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour Kit, DUO Eyelash Adhesive in Clear White

Career and projects

Kat is the founder of her own company named Kat’s Krazy Lashes, LLC.

She is currently working on the set of the movie Fight Valley directed by Rob Hawk and co-directed by Amanda Niroda Edmonds starring Miesha Tate, Cris Cyborg, Holly Holm, Erin O’Brian, Kari Kramer, Susie Celek, and much more. Her credits can be seen on the IMDB website

fightvalleyflyer Kat Fight Valley Makeup and Kat Kat Fight Valley Makeup Closeup Kat Fight Valley Scene with Camera