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Spring 2016 Bridal Season Makeup Looks

Spring 2016 Bridal Season Makeup Looks

A women’s wedding day is arguably the most important day of her life. Even if you are not the type of high maintenance girl who needs every single tiny detail to be perfect… you still want the day to run as smoothly as possible. Not only do you want the flowers and venue to be nice and your dress to look stunning, but you also want your hair and makeup to be flawless. It is after all, your day and you should feel like a queen. The most foolproof way to make certain that you’re hands down the most gorgeous girl in the room is by having perfect makeup.

Bridal makeup trends come and go with the seasons; however, there are a few trends that are timeless. For those of us who may be more timid with our makeup, these are the looks that we want to take hold of.

Natural: The saying really is true, sometimes less is more. This is exceptionally true if your dress is very busy. With all that going flash and bling going on, it would be in your best interest to simply let your natural beauty shine through your glamorous dress. Some tips for letting this happen are keep your skin highly moisturized starting months before the big day. The best way to apply makeup is on healthy, clear skin and the easiest way to get this type of skin is to stay hydrated. Now, you can apply foundation and a little blush or bronzer and it will spread seamlessly. Add to that a nude or pink lip with some modest mascara and your natural look will be perfected.

English Rose Glow: This look is perfect for a spring wedding and would be absolutely breathtaking for any outdoor wedding. This is similar to the natural look but instead plays up a little more rose color (hence its name). Highlighting rosy cheeks, pretty rose colored lips and lightly lined eyes, this gives you a very well-polished look.

There are a few additional trends this season that are a little more daring for our brides to pull off, but so brilliant when done correctly.

Earthy Smoky Eyes: We are all familiar with the latest smoky eye trend (and if you aren’t just double check to make sure you aren’t living under a rock). This new trend is less intense and more spring friendly. Switch out the deep black and charcoals for some warm metallic and earthy tones and apply in the same way you do smoky eyes.

White Out Eyes: Similar to the smoky eyes twist, the white out eyes are a new version of the cat eye makeup. Creating this look is simple and can be done a few different ways, all of which brightens the eyes beautifully for a spring wedding. You can trace a white liner along the lids by itself for a simple cat eye, layer black and white lines for cool effect, have white on bottom and black on top or you can double up black then white on your top line. Of course a little glitter would accent any of these looks very nicely as well.

No matter which makeup look you choose for your big day, just be confident in your beauty and you will never go wrong.

Bridal Makeup 2016

Bridal Makeup 2016



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