The Huntsman: Winter’s War Stellar Makeup Looks

The Huntsman: Winter’s War Makeup Looks

Makeup Looks On The Big Screen

Sometimes Hollywood tries a little too hard to continue some movies. I think we can all remember a sequel or two that have been less than satisfactory following the original movie. Other times, however, the sequel only adds to the quality of the original. This was the case for the recent release, The Huntsman: Winter’s War. With the original Snow White and the Huntsman being of average success as a movie, this sequel gives the audience the action, romance and humor that the first may have lacked.

What really is of importance to us however, is the makeup. The makeup in the first movie was good, but the intricate looks that were created for this follow up movie are truly dazzling. We want to share with you a little about our two favorite looks from the movie: the Evil Queen and the Ice Queen.

Ana Soto, an almost 18 year old from Albuquerque, New Mexico has a passion for makeup. She recently graduated high school and like so many of the rest of us, had no idea what to do with her life. Now some warm golden hues were added to sculpt the face and add definition. This can be achieved through matte bronzer and a touch of peachy toned blusher to the apples of the cheek. Add some highlighter to the high points of the face and there you have the Queen’s golden glow.

The most eye-catching part of this evil queen look, however, is the eyes. The makeup team started by applying Inglot Pigment no. 22 over the lids to get a nice shimmery base before going in with black liner and covering the water and lash lines. For the eyes to really pop, the team used matte brown shadow in the sockets and under the eyes. To finish off the look, they applied gold leaf with Inglot Duraline which gives a brilliant gold sparkle with great coverage. For the brows, brush through with a brown gel to get some nice definition. Since the eyes are the focus of this look, the lips are very neutral with some peachy lipstick and topped with some gloss. To balance off the evil queen’s metallic gold look, we will now talk about Queen Freya’s glistening cool look.

This Ice Queen look is achieved by mixing primer and liquid highlighter onto the skin before applying foundation. Similar to the evil queen’s golden glow, set the ice look with translucent powder onto the t-zone and add a cool highlight to the cheeks, cupids bow and tear duct. The eyes are again the focal piece of this look with their dark silver metallic shadow. The team applied a nude eyeliner on the waterline to give the eyes a bright look. The same brown gel was used for the brows on this look as well. Similar also in the neutral lip look, they were topped with a light peach color and gloss.

These queens looks were definitely not the only great makeup looks on the movie, but you will simply have to watch it and see for yourself!

The Huntsman Winter's War Makeup Looks
The Huntsman Winter’s War Makeup Looks



The Huntsman Winter's War Makeup Looks
The Huntsman Winter’s War Makeup Looks