Victoria Secret Fashion Show Makeup 2015 – The Angel Look

Men fantasize about them and women dream of becoming them. Who could we be talking about? Only the most elite group of models in the world, the Victoria Secret Angels. This collection of ladies belongs to their own immaculate class (some may say species) that the rest of us commoners can simply stare upon with admiration. So why do we let the Angels affect us so? Could it be their perfectly long, toned bodies, their flawlessly bronzed skin or their desirable bombshell waves? Or quite possibly is it their healthy complexions, fun demeanors and pure beauty that have us tuning in to watch the show year after year.

This year’s show was slightly different than previous years and that is because it was completely focused on each Angel’s natural beauty. When you are as genetically blessed as the Angels, you have very little need for makeup in the first place; therefore, the lead makeup artist Dick Page decided that this year was going to be about enhancing what the Angels already have. Backstage at the show, Dick says “If I had my way, it would be they just look really fresh and healthy. They’re wearing wings for Christ’s sake. They’re wearing wings, and bras, and panties. It’s a spectacle, but there should be honesty about the beauty.”

For most of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show makeup looks, Page did get his way. He didn’t want anything sharp about their makeup but instead gave them all very romantic transparent looks.  He started out by priming and evening out the skin. He then went in with a bright red rouge blush and dabbed on the cheeks and bridge of the nose. This gives a very healthy, fresh look. He diffused that with a sponge and then covered the face with very light foundation. Page suggests doing blush before foundation and using very little foundation to then blend in the blush. With this show, he said he did not use any concealer, bronzer or do any contours. He did not want the girls to be stiff and cold looking, because as we know, true beauty can be reflected in simply a smile.

What he did do for a little pop was highlight both corners of the eyes as well as the Cupid’s bow of the lip. He then applied black cream and golden brown shadow for lash line definition all over the creases and lower lashes. After, he applied mascara, touched up the brows a little and added a natural rose color to the lips. Page avoided powdering because the natural shine creates a fresher and healthier look.

Speaking of keeping it light and natural, some of you may have noticed the signature bombshell wave look was not the only hair style being rocked on the runway this year. Instead of adding extensions to the girls with shorter hair, this year’s hair stylist Akki Shirakawa decided to give each girl a more independent look. Some had middle parts, others side and some had bob looks all with very lived-in waves that were simply gorgeous.
The end result played up each Angel’s personal sexiness which relays a great message to all those admiring the models. Be yourself always because you are beautiful.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Makeup
Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Makeup

VS Fashion Show Makeup