Employment Opportunities After Completing Vizio Make Up Courses

A wonderful employment opportunity + there’s wine!

Makeup Bars- The affordable luxury

What’s better than having a professional do your makeup while you sip on wine and indulge in a little relaxation? The answer is nothing. So why then, do we not do this all the time? Like most luxuries in life, money hinders us. While money will always be a factor in our lives, in this particular fantasy, it is no longer an issue. Thanks to a new booming business called makeup bars, we no longer have to choose between pampering ourselves and having money in the bank. That is because these make up bars offer a flat fee of about $40 for a professional makeup artist to apply a full face of makeup in a short amount of time. They also offer special services like eyelash extensions and airbrush applications for an additional fee. Most bars also offer party packages! You can have a group of friends come to the bar to get their makeup done while you all enjoy a private room and some wine. Other bars offer house calls as well for parties.

Now the major question surrounding this new business endeavor is how can this be profitable if you are essentially selling an unnecessary service? Let’s be honest, we have all been putting makeup on by ourselves for many years now, so why would we suddenly need someone else to do it for us? Simply put you are not nearly as good at applying makeup as a professional is. Which is one of the reasons why Vizio make up courses are so popular.  In today’s society where image is so greatly valued, women of all ages have been looking for a place to stop in and emerge looking fabulous without the headache of the high cost or scheduling appointments. Typically, events such as proms or weddings are established as needing professional makeup, however, makeup bars are trying to promote the acceptance of professional makeup for “lesser” occasions. With the affordability of these makeup bars and the new subculture emerging of the pre-game stage (which sometimes overshadows the actual event), these makeup bars are offering something women today strive for: the picture. We have all been in a situation where someone takes out a camera to get a picture of whatever you are doing that night, even if it’s something as common as going shopping or getting food. This urge to be camera ready at any moment has previously driven women to the makeup counter at the mall, but that is no longer your only option.

Makeup bars are a giant upgrade from these mall counters because you not only get privacy and enjoy getting your makeup done in comfort (don’t forget about the wine), you also end up saving money because you pay a flat fee at a makeup bar as opposed to feeling obligated to buy multiple high end products from a retailer.

Now after I have sold you on how fantastic these makeup bars are, think about the employment opportunity. You have recently completed your make up courses and received your certificate from Vizio Makeup Academy, and are eager to use your newfound skills. Where better to get a job then in this booming business? Steady paychecks, fun atmospheres and the chance to meet people in the entertainment industry. Sounds like a good gig to me.

Make Up Courses & Employment
Make Up Courses & Employment