Partnering with Urban Decay

Beauty with an Edge

Twenty years ago Urban Decay was started and the beauty industry has not been the same since. It all began with a dream of two women wanting to spice up their nail polish colors. The only cosmetic product colors available to women at the time were pink, beige and red. These women were unsatisfied with these simple tastes and could not help but wish there were more choices. It is hard to even wrap our minds around this in today’s society where we have hundreds of different colors and shades to choose from for not just nail polish, but all of our cosmetic products. Just a few decades ago, the beauty industry was not offering these options. So, these two ingenious women began mixing their colors together themselves. In this attempt to create more unique colors, Urban Decay was born.

The first launch of the company released lipsticks and nail enamels with names that were descriptive of the dodgier aspects of living in an urban setting. This was revolutionary in the cosmetic industry where everything was very pink, fluffy and girly. When they received positive feedback regarding their new company, the women verified what they always knew: makeup wearers need choices, and lots of them.

This fact holds true today and most likely will always be the case. With how much our society has grown and how many advances we have made, I believe it is extremely unlikely that we will ever revert and ask for less makeup choices. That is why Urban Decay products have been so successfully sold in all types of beauty stores around the world. In this day and age, it is all the rage to be different. No one wants to be like anyone else because we are all independent and uniquely our own person. These Urban Decay products allow each person to express themselves without bounds.

We know that our students and graduates here also wish to express their creativity and have the same thirst for innovation that Urban Decay does. That is why we are so proud to announce our partnership with them!

Here at Vizio, we could not be more happy to be partnering with a brand made up of pioneers that truly hold our not only our values, but our passion for makeup artistry. Urban Decay, like our academy, does not support animal testing, offers 100% vegan products and is affiliated with PETA. Their brand challenges the stereotypical notion of beauty and makeup which is a trait that our academy wishes to instill in our students. We want to empower our students to express themselves through their art and never feel as though they need to hide who they are.

Now, we will be able to offer you professional discounts when you graduate to help you in your beauty journey. With this partnership, you will receive a discount on Urban Decay products, access to artist deals and news as well as so much more! You can check out the full list of perks at www.urbandecay.com/udpro

You can check out Vizio Makeup Academy in Urban Decay’s pro school directory www.urbandecay.com/Udproschools