Vizio Makeup Courses Go strobing and Reflect sheer radiance!

Devotees of makeup courses and makeup training! Wake up and watch as a new glow dawns on the makeup horizon. There is a fresh new makeup technique on the scene for looking like a million bucks, and it is called strobing. Yes, the ‘sharp contours and severe angles’ contouring look is so passé. Instead facial definition through luminescence is in. So doesn’t Contouring do just the same thing? Well no, both contouring and strobing are makeup art forms that work by highlighting but are also about as dissimilar as cubism is to impressionism.

How is Strobing Different from Contouring

While light plays a key role in both makeup styles, contouring creates a play between light and shade through shading and blending to enhance features. Strobing, on the other hand, is totally anti-contouring and has no dark tricks up its sleeve. It just removes defining frames from the face and instead brings in facial definition through luminescence. All it does is very cleverly throw lots and lots of light on your key features (read cheekbones, forehead, cupid’s bow and nose bridge) and voila! The skin acquires a dewy, reflective radiance, the features look so subtly accentuated and the face looks like a million bucks.

You can think of strobing as ‘complexion perfection’.

Who created strobing

Strobing has been developed by makeup guru Alex Box who used it at Issey Miyake and Chloe and created millions of fans with his clever strokes of the makeup brush kind. She defines it as, ‘…. using reflection on high planes and points of the face that catch the light to create spot lit areas…’On her website she calls her work as, ‘….Through my marriage of art and science there is an endless landscape of possibilities’. Looking at how cleverly she manipulates light to create ‘makeup that doesn’t look made up’, we couldn’t agree more.

So how do you try strobing on yourself

Have you heard the adage, ‘the simpler it looks, the tougher it is’? That’s strobing for the uninitiated. This is a field for pros, ladies!  Jokes apart, strobing is not for those who go all thumbs when faced with a makeup brush. It may look simple but requires loads of skincare, expensive (and reflective) products and technical expertise. However if you have undergone makeup training or taken a makeup course, you can definitely try your hand at it. We have lined up some tips to help you get it right.

Strobing tips

• Work for good skin –To get glowing and strobing-ready skin, drink those eight glasses of water, eat an anti-oxidant rich diet, follow the cleaning-toning-moisturizing regimen and use face packs twice a week to remove the dead skin from top and let the glow shine through.

• Go for a merger of skincare and makeup – face oil into foundation, shimmery concealer into moisturizer – to get wet-shine glow.

• Now the tricky part of layering to get the look you want. Apply a hydrating serum, top with iridescent tinted moisturizer, use a highlighter to brighten key facial features and last but not the least, dab luminescent powder to bring in the shine.
Go ahead. Try strobing, you will love the way you look in the mirror.