Your Makeup Professional

Your makeup professional kit is your identity. You would need a well-organized kit in the professional field. It is a financial investment that you have to make as all those makeup products are expensive. Let’s know about the makeup brands, products, and their uses. 

What products do you need in your makeup professional kit? 

Your Makeup Professional

You’ll need all those products that can help you build a flawless makeup look. This list includes-

  • Foundation ( in both powder and liquid form)
  • Concealer 
  • Contouring set
  • Setting spray
  • Eyeshadow palette
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner 
  • Kajal
  • Eyebrow pencils
  • Lipstick and lip gloss 
  • Makeup blenders
  • And a range of soft-bristled brushes

With all of these products, you will definitely need to build your makeup professional kit. There are also some products that you may not need to include in your makeup kit. Let’s check them out 

Makeup products you can avoid to include in your makeup professional kit

There are some makeup products that promise much more than they actually can deliver. You can avoid these makeup products while building your makeup kit for professional use. 

Silicone makeup sponge

When we first came into the market, this product promised us to give a smooth blend to the foundation. It challenged all those makeup sponges, brushes, and blenders in the market and promised to give a perfect Instagram-ready look every time. But in reality, it actually soaks the foundation, and that’s why one can get a heavier foundation look. Professional experts often advise avoiding this silicon foundation. 

Highly expensive powder

Highly expensive powder companies promise to give a seamless and perfect look every time. According to them, the relation between the price and quality is simultaneous, which means if you can invest more money in your powder, you will get a better look. This is not how it works. All the powders are created of mica and/or talc, and so long they are blended perfectly, they are able to deliver a perfect look no matter what price range it belongs to. While selecting a foundation, it is advised to taste it on your neck, not on the inner part of your wrist. 

Mineral foundation 

When it first came into the market, it promised to deliver flawless and seamless coverage, but when people started to use it, it could not keep its promises. Though you can use this for personal use, you may never be able to use this in your professional field. These foundations don’t offer the right coverage on your skin, and also they are not long-lasting enough. 

Now, there are many more things that you have to buy for your makeup kit for professional use. If you are worried about expenses, let us tell you that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on your makeup professional kit. You can also get branded high-quality makeup products at a comparatively reasonable price. Let’s have a look at the makeup brands that you can use as a beginner. 

Makeup brands to include in your makeup professional kit

There are some underrated makeup brands that offer seamless and fabulous finishing at a comparatively low budget. 

1. NYX 

It is an amazing makeup brand that is also cost-efficient. It blends perfectly on the skin and also gives a perfect finishing. If you are looking for a comparatively cheap brand and can give a perfect look to your client, you can go for this brand. It has a vast range of makeup products to choose from. 

2. Black Radiance

It is important that your makeup matches perfectly with your client’s skin type. For this, it is the best option in the market, and it is also cost-efficient. It has a huge range of options for dark skin complexion. You can find an option for almost every complexion in this brand. 

3. Maybelline 

You should’ve heard the name of this brand once in your life. It is a world-famous brand that is not only excellent for creating flawless makeup looks but also more cost-efficient compared to other makeup brands. It offers a perfect blend, bright colors, and seamless finishing. Though it is underrated, it doesn’t mean that it is not excellent. It is even more efficient than many high costing branded products. Maybelline is definitely one of the best as your makeup professional kit.

4. L.A girl 

This brand offers an exclusive range of foundations and concealers. Only in concealers, it offers around 39 shades. So, no matter what your complexion is, you can always choose a perfect shade from this brand. It all sofas an amazing finishing and flawless blending

5. Australis 

It is also a perfect brand for your makeup professional kit. It is an Australian brand that is now used by professionals and experts globally. Eyeshadows are most probably their best products as the combination of every eyeshadow palette is well-thought and built with the right strategy. 

6. Wet and Wild 

This brand proved that being inexpensive doesn’t mean that it should be of poor quality. It is a very cost-effective brand that offers amazing quality makeup products. The products can even beat many expensive makeup brands. If you are looking for a makeup brand for your makeup professional kit which is at the same time inexpensive and flawless, nothing can be a better option than this brand.

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