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How to Become a Makeup Artist

How to Become a Makeup Artist

So you find yourself reading another article about makeup applications and beauty trends and you think to yourself, why can’t I do this for a living? If you are wondering how to become a makeup artist, it is easier than you think. If you wish to make big bucks, you can certainly work your way up to making a fabulous living ;). If you simply love this kind of work then you can most definitely make a career out of it. So, how do you go from makeup addict to professional artist? Putting down your brushes and reading this article is a great first step!

Now, like the oh so correct cliché goes, practice makes perfect. This means that you practice your art wherever, whenever and on whoever you can. Try hard to vary who you practice on. You should have experience with all different types of skin color, skin ages, skin types, face shapes, eye shapes and eye colors. You should also invest in a variety of brushes and primers because you can achieve different looks by using different brushes. A great way to get practice hours in is by becoming a makeup assistant, or by working at a makeup counter in your local mall. These jobs will not only help you with practice and hands-on experience, but they will also give you exposure with clients and customer service, which let’s face it, is a big part of this career. You will not, however, be able to land these jobs or your overall goal of becoming a professional makeup artist unless you first educate yourself.





If you enroll in Vizio’s Makeup Academy we will teach you from A to Z about how to become a makeup artist, and you will receive fantastic instruction and knowledge from the basics to the highly advanced. You will emerge from these courses being able to perfectly achieve any look. In order to get your Professional Certification, you can enroll in this academy and will be thoroughly prepared for the cutting edge professional makeup industry. After you get your certification, there remains the challenge of building your client base.

You can tackle this challenge by creating a portfolio of all your best work. Whether this is online or a paper copy, it needs to be professional and consist of various styles. Present clean makeup, editorial makeup, avant garde (experimental) and beauty makeup. Leave bridal makeup out of your portfolio, you should have a separate portfolio for that. Also be sure you hire a professional to take pictures of your work, this is a reflection of you and you want it to be presented as best as possible.

Your last step on how to become a makeup artist, is publicizing yourself. Do this by making professional business cards and passing them out to all local planners, schools (for dances), retailers at makeup counters and anyone who will take it. Remember, it takes time to build a reputation and career so continue to market yourself, hang in there and keep your enthusiasm for what you love!