Make up Training Session

In the beauty world, makeup courses are the most patronized. We get to see more makeup students every day and new makeup artists too. In the world at large, it is one of the most pursued skills. However, it is most popular among females. It isn’t particular to them though. There are big and talented male make up artists. When a skill like this becomes this high on supply, different career opportunities are created based on it. One of the career opportunities is hosting a make up training session. Apart from this, there are other numerous opportunities here. Not everyone can host a make up training session when they like. You have to be a master in the craft before you can teach people. Also, you have to be prepared and be able to teach too.

make up training session

Main Focus During A Makeup Training Session

Here are some of the things that could put your students ahead in the industry through your training session.

Teach Professionalism

Firstly, this is the main reason why students are there. Don’t waste much of your time on things that are not necessary. Teaching professionalism during your makeup training session would have a great impact on the students.

For instance, you could teach them how to behave in their workplace. How to be professional when dealing with a client. Also, you can lecture them about keeping to time and making sure their clients are satisfied.

Why is this class important? Well, one thing, in particular, is everyone is there looking for a medium to make money. If you cannot be professional in your workplace then things start getting mixed up. Don’t be a fun killer at work, just know your limits and your space. At Vizio Makeup Academy, every staff knows their space and endeavors to follow the rules.

Offer Expert Guidance

Obviously, this is something you have to do. When training your students, make sure you start from the basics and walk them up to the level you are. Don’t keep any necessary information. What do you think these students want from each make up training session? They want to take home something new and valuable.

As an expert in the field, your sessions should be just what they need. Despite the fact that it isn’t easy keeping up with the beauty world, make sure you cover this aspect in your training sessions.

Vizio Makeup Academy will continue to offer students the expert guidance they need on every single topic. Each make up training session would continue to offer expert tips and tricks to students. This is what puts us at the top as one of the best make up academies.

Cover The Theory And Practical Aspect

Make up training sessions should not just be only practical alone. It is a skill so it is more practical than theory but it is good to give your students notes to guide them. Some things you explain to them would stick to them and would help them in their practice too.

Moreover, in-depth knowledge is given to the students in a theoretical class. The practice is a way to show students all they have been talking about. Also, in a way, they both work hand in hand and students don’t learn properly without one of them.

It is just like going to law school. You read books and follow instructions from your professors. In the end, they are all better understood when you practice. You imply the theoretical aspect when doing your practical.

Tell Them About All The Latest Tools And Products

During your makeup training session, ensure that you tell your students about the best products and must-have tools. As an expert, you have a lot of experience. You must have made some mistakes with bad products before. Also, you might have had experiences where your most important tools were not with you. These are the things you have to share with your students during the session. You teach your students so they don’t make mistakes like you.

Teach them how to follow the trend and move along with the best products in the market. Also, teach your students to use quality tools that would last them. This would help them avoid buying makeup tools every time.

Offer Them Certificates

In some states, makeup artists cannot get their licenses without a certificate. At Vizio Makeup Academy we make sure all our students get a certificate of participation. The importance of your certification depends on your state rules.

Skin Lectures

Lectures On Skin Types

It should be noted that there are different products for different skin types. There are two major skin types that we know of. Your skin is either dry or oily. If it goes past that then it is neither dry nor oily. Also, it can be a mixture of dry and oily patches.

A person’s skin type is rarely permanent. There are times when your oily skin would become dry or mixed up. In addition, the causes of these changes are weather, age, and sometimes location.

Students have to learn the importance of knowing the skin types of different people. It is important because some skin products work on some skin types in particular.


As a cosmetologist, clearly you need some knowledge of skincare. For instance, as a makeup artist, you can tell a client the best product to use when cleaning their makeup. Recommend good skincare products too.

It would be good if you as a host of a make up training session can teach your students how to take care of both their skin and someone else’s skin.

We hope that we have been able to help you with all the information you need. The article is aimed at people who hold private and public make up courses. These are some things that could help elevate your class and make your student have a better experience. It is a better way to share your knowledge.