Marketing for Makeup Artists

Now you must be asking yourself a question… now that i have become a makeup artist, how do i market myself… this is one of the biggest challenges all makeup artists have … you could be the greatest and most talented makeup artists on the planet but if clients can’t find you its disasterous.
Marketing is an area that most makeup schools forget about, but it is the most important one.. this is how you make money in the industry. We have the most in depth pro makeup artist marketing chapter that will get you ahead of the competition. We will teach you the cutting edge tools like how to rank on the first page of google, and get your social network cranking. We will also teach you the importance of blogging and connecting with clients all from all over the world. Remember there is a huge demand for makeup artists all over the world. How fun would it be for a client to fly you to Fiji for the weekend to apply their makeup.
You will learn how to create backlinks and we will give you a crash course on SEO marketing.. No other makeup academy will teach you this.
Not only will we teach you how to master everything you need to know about makeup, but we will teach you the importance of SEO marketing .. for those don’t know what SEO marketing is, it stands for Search Engine Optimization… that is how Google will find you anywhere in the world. Google is constantly changing with penguin updates and we will keep you updated every step of the way!
You need to be in every makeup artist directory and we will provide you with the list of them you need to be on.