Marketing For Makeup Artists

Makeup artistry is an amazing skill. However, being able to make money out of it requires marketing skills. This is the part where most makeup artists fail. It is also possible that you don’t know how to move your makeup business forward. However, it should be noted that marketing for makeup artists requires a strategy. Besides, you can’t market yourself without having an idea of how it is done. At Vizio Makeup Academy, we teach students how to make their businesses grow as makeup artists. Here are some ideas to help you in your marketing strategy.

marketing for makeup artists

8 Marketing For Makeup Artists Ideas

The ideas here are just to help you promote yourself as a makeup artist. The ideas will help you sell your skills properly.

1. Create an amazing website

The world has gone digital. Try following the trend. You have to portray your artistry as a business first before marketing starts. Creating a website is a good way to start. People can visit your website and book a session. Also, your portfolio is displayed on your website. Your availability status is posted on your website too.

All these things make your website look more attractive too. A makeup artist’s website isn’t too much stressful. It is also simple. The website doesn’t need many designs. In addition, your skills and previous work being showcased is enough. Furthermore, you can learn how to design your website by looking at other successful makeup artists’ websites.

2. Create a portfolio for your online market

In marketing for makeup artists, a portfolio entails your previous jobs. Yes, this is definitely a good strategy. Your portfolio always works for you. It is what you put out there to get new clients. Without a portfolio, potential clients cannot see how good you are.

The best way to create an amazing portfolio is by making a collection of photos. Photos of some of your best work. Your online portfolio is relevant and might draw more attention too. Also, it is good to have this portfolio on paper. So you can display it in front of your salon.

New makeup artists can start working for free and also take small jobs to build their portfolios.

3. A Chart Catalog To improve marketing

This is more of an artistic plan. However, creating a face chart album says a lot about your work. Also, what you do is create a before and after photo album. This just shows potential clients how you make people look even more beautiful. Furthermore, this could also serve as part of your portfolio.  Also, don’t just create an unattractive photo album. You need a gorgeous and eye-catching photo album.

4. Create an online booking system

This is definitely one of the best marketing for makeup artist strategies. It isn’t something that you see all the time now. Also, if clients can easily book you online, the price is always fixed. Aside from that, a professional makeup artist needs a convenient booking system. The system has to work for your clients.

This would put your business on a whole new level. At least now when you get a recommendation, they know how to book you. Also, for online booking, your schedules should always be updated on the website. You don’t have to do much, just wait and the bookings would keep coming.

5. Make your social media channels work for you

Social media is the best way to invest your time in promoting your business. Although it doesn’t cost a lot to be on social media. However, the time it takes to continuously promote your business is a lot.

Social media marketing for makeup artists pays a lot. Vizio Makeup Academy places a lot of importance on social media marketing. Most famous makeup artists, although they must have put in work, made it through social media platforms. Also, if you wish to be that famous, you have to put in the work and dedication.

6. Ask for referrals from clients

As a new makeup artist, what makes your business grow is how you treat your client. Especially because these people are your first clients. If clients see how good and professional you are, they would definitely refer you to people. Although most people don’t know how to refer to makeup artists.

You could get a business card. The card would carry your business details and address too. You could also do a little bonus for people who refer their friends. A 20% or 10% bonus can be allocated as a form of saying thank you.

7. Partner with other professionals

Other professionals are photographers, models, and hairstylists. Partnering with these people brings you more clientele. Especially photographers. You would definitely need a photographer. After the makeup session, in your studio, a photographer can take the picture of your client. This should be part of the package. No extra payment.

Apparently, partners are part of marketing for makeup artists. In a partnership, everyone gets a share of the profit. Also, these partnerships help make your portfolio look better too.

8. Attend local fashion shows

Fashion shows play a huge part in marketing for makeup artists too. They help advertise your talent. You can get a booth in these shows and just make anyone up. As long as you are good at what you do, this would definitely improve your business. However, don’t forget to take a business card with you. Also, in some of these shows, you get to meet other professionals too.

This is a way to network. You meet wedding planners and event organizers that could get you top clients. Students at Vizio Makeup Academy are sent to these shows to help them improve their skills. They are sent here to see how different makeup artists work too.

Final Thoughts

These ideas would definitely get you potential clients. These are some of the things that you cannot miss out on as a makeup artist. Implement every one of them and a lot more too.